Do you believe it’s OK to giggle in a gallery? We do.

Thursday 09 April, 2015

“A lot of people are put off art galleries because they think of art as a very high-brow subject which can only be enjoyed in a very serious and intellectual way. It isn’t, it is there to be enjoyed by everyone, and I hope a slightly irreverent gallery guide might help change that perception.”

Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered, Mock the Week, The Now Show)

Galleries and museums are constantly looking for ways to engage new audiences, inspire reluctant attendees, and encourage repeat visits. Audio guides have long been used to help visitors get more from their trip, and to enrich the viewer’s experience by offering added depth and detail.

At unusual, we believe comedy has the power to give an artwork an entirely new dimension and to open up an exhibition to brand new audiences.


We recently launched a comedy audio guide at Turner Contemporary

to accompany the exhibition >Self: Image and Identity. It was presented and co-written by Hugh Dennis (BBC1’s Outnumbered, BBC2’s Mock the Week, Radio 4’s The Now Show). This gave gallery visitors the ability to have one of the country’s best-loved comedians guiding them through selected artworks over the course of 30 minutes. The guide was informal, irreverent, slightly silly, gently mocking… and very popular. In the first week alone, over 100 visitors paid to hear our guide.



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